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Womens Business Council


Jackie Tan
President, Women's Business Council

The Women’s Business Council’s mission, to provide a supportive environment for business professionals to network, achieve personal growth, and contribute to the community’s betterment

One can experience a great amount of negativity when trying to navigate the business world, which to me is why the Women’s Business Council is so crucial. By holding fast to our mission, we can create a bigger, stronger network of local professional women who hold each other up, also giving women just starting out in the workplace a resource; mentors they can look up to and seek advice from, ultimately strengthening our local businesses.

Our programming focuses on shedding light on relevant issues that affect our local businesses here in Long Beach, subject matter that is intriguing and important to all valued members of our community. Adding onto that, we want to be sure to create a positive, welcoming environment for ALL members of our community, not just for women, but also the men who support our role in the business world. In the past few years, the Women’s Business Council has striven to diversify our event programming, to bring a male perspective, a male voice, to our event discussions.

In the year ahead we will also be adding philanthropic events into our calendar year of programming, ensuring that as an important resource to our community, we also take the time to give back to our community.

Upcoming Events

WBC Officers

Jackie Tan, American Heart Association

Immediate Past President
Megan Christensen, Bryson

Vice President Programs / President-Elect
Heather Summers, LBS Financial Credit Union

Vice President Communications
Alison Vaught, Epson America, Inc.

Vice President Membership
Francesca Douglass-Franco, Humansave

Kathryn Atkins, Writing World LLC

Sue Snead, YMCA of Greater Long Beach

WBC Directors

Nicole Guilbert, Bank of America
Susan Malecki, Susan Adair Malecki, MBA
Aimee Mandala, Environ Architecture, Inc.
Sharon Peterson, 10,000 Small Businesses, LBCC
Diana Rodriguez, Mercury Public Relations
Sue Snead, YMCA of Greater Long Beach
Taylor Roll, Hotel Maya
Yvonne Santos, International City Bank
Brissa Sotelo-Vargas, Valero

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