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Certificate of Origin

Certificate of Origin / Free Sale

A document required by Exporters for import compliance stating "Origin" for importing country to calculate duty.  The Exporter is legally responsible for correct declaration.

Certificate of Origin with essCert

Experience the future of trade document certification with essCert! Our digital platform streamlines the entire process, ensuring quick, efficient, and secure handling of Certificates of Origin.

Why Choose essCert?

For Exporters & Forwarders:

  • Speed: Get your documents approved fast.
  • Cost Savings: Cut down on certification costs.
  • Accuracy: Reduce errors with minimal data re-entry.
  • Security: Lower risk of liability and fraud.
  • Updates: Receive real-time notifications on certificate status.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is essCert? essCert is a digital platform for processing trade documents like Certificates of Origin. It integrates with various systems to streamline the certification process.

How do I get started with essCert? Visit our website, create an account, and follow the simple steps to submit your documents for certification.

How fast are documents approved? Our efficient system ensures quick turnaround times, usually within an hour but no later than two business days.

What are the benefits of using essCert? essCert offers speed, cost savings, accuracy, security, and real-time updates on the status of your certificates.

Join the many exporters who trust essCert to simplify their certification process. For more details, visit essCert's website.


  • Members: $15 $10
  • Non-Members: $125 $50



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