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Coronavirus (COVID-19) has left many people uncertain and concerned about what precautions to take, and the implications in the workplace.

We are closely monitoring Coronavirus and following the current guidance from the leading government and health authorities to ensure we are taking the right actions to protect our members, employees, and community.

We want to be sure that you have every resource at your disposal as you navigate this uncertain time and we will continue to monitor this evolving situation and will keep you informed of future updates.

For the most current and updated information, please see the City of Long Beach's Economic Development business support page on COVID-19:

The Chamber team is here to assist you during this crisis. If you have any questions, please click here to contact the appropriate staff member.


Business Resources and Economic Assistance

CARES Act Funding now Available to Long Beach Nonprofits and Businesses

  • The City of Long Beach announced a comprehensive, equity-based spending plan that supports important community activities and programs, while minimizing the City’s budget shortfall caused by COVID-19.
  • The $40.28 million spending plan, which was approved unanimously by Long Beach City Council on July 14, is funded by Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act funding.
    • City COVID-19 Response: $19,130,494 
    • Community Support: $14,400,000
    • Business Recovery and Resiliency: $6,750,000The City Council allocated funds for the following program areas
  • While the City’s COVID-19 emergency response costs are ongoing, the community support and business recovery and resiliency activities require the development of new programs or an expansion of existing efforts. The City Manager’s Office has coordinated with specific departments to create these programs and support efficient service delivery according to City Council direction and in compliance with local, state and federal regulations and timelines for the CARES Act funds. 
  • An equity lens will be used in the development and implementation of each program, to address the needs of the most adversely impacted community members. Programs must prioritize equity and serve populations that are hardest hit by COVID-19, including older adults, people with underlying health conditions, people experiencing homelessness or living in overcrowded housing and Black, Latinx and Cambodian residents.  Departments will focus on impacted areas in Long Beach using mapping resources such as the geographic distribution of COVID-19 casesCDBG-eligible areas, housing burden and EnviroScreen.

New Programs
The following programs have been developed and are approved to begin the outreach and application phase. Information will be available via the CARES Act website and the Economic Development Department will send email notices to its extensive business contact list. The City also will provide pop-up outreach to assist businesses with information and assistance with applications. 

  • Small Business Recovery and Technology Grants ($4,100,000)
    • Supports businesses through grants for working capital, up to $5,000 each.
    • Supports businesses with COVID-19 safety protocols through and touchless technology costs such as contactless payment systems, up to $2,000 each. 
    • Priority will be given to:
      • Businesses that have laid off or furloughed employees.
      • Small business owners.
      • Diverse small businesses located in low-to-moderate income areas.
    • Businesses that have operated at a very limited capacity due to local Health Orders.Funds business associations that provide support to local businesses. 
  • Business Improvement Districts Grants ($1,000,000)
    • Provide direct grants to the Business Improvement District (BID) associations in Long Beach to support service delivery for businesses to cope with the impacts of COVID-19.  
    • Enables BIDs to maintain service levels for core programming, business assistance and marketing and promotions. 
  • Small Business Education ($100,000)
    • Provides educational materials to businesses in multilingual formats to communities of color, immigrant-owned businesses, high-contact businesses, commercial corridors not represented by BIDs and areas that have low Internet connectivity.
  • Digital Inclusion ($1,000,000)
    • Supplements the City’s Digital Inclusion Initiative, focusing on ensuring everyone in Long Beach has equitable access to and use of digital literacy training, the Internet, technology devices and other resources. 
    • Contract with community-based organizations and partners to: staff the Digital Inclusion Resources Hotline, provide free Chromebooks and hotspots, host pop-up outreach and technical assistance, develop multilingual digital inclusion resources and procure portable public Wi-Fi infrastructure. 
  • Economic Equity Study ($200,000)
    • Supports a series of action-oriented reports in partnership with California State University, Long Beach, that establish the baseline economic, social and demographic information needed to inform City policies related to economic recovery.  
    • Studies will commence in September and will include economic trend analysis, economic impact analysis, ethnographic study, small business survey and community engagement.
  • Arts Organization Grants ($1,500,000)
    • Provides working capital grants to the leading arts organizations in Long Beach to sustain these industry sectors and facility recovery in the creative economy.  
    • Facilitate arts education and programming, strengthen the arts workforce and support local artists.  
    • The funds will be distributed using a formula based on the organization’s annual budget and will be provided to the Arts Council for Long Beach for distribution, as is done for the Percent for the Arts and Measure B programs.
  • Nonprofit Relief Grants ($1,000,000)
    • This program has two components: 
      • $200,000 to provide relief grants to nonprofits that are experiencing hardship during COVID-19
      • $800,000 to fund COVID-19 support services that nonprofits provide to the community. 
    • Economic Development will administer this relief fund and the Health Department will administer funding for the nonprofit service delivery program component.

Programs Underway
Several CARES ACT programs are currently active, providing direct community services to address COVID-19 impacts using existing City programs and contracts. These programs have been enhanced or expanded using CARES Act funding and are fully compliant with all State and federal regulations and City protocols. 

  • Small Business and Nonprofit Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Distribution ($750,000)
    • Supports the purchase and distribution of PPE to Long Beach business owners, nonprofits and child care organizations.  
    • Focuses on education and outreach to Census Tracts that have been impacted by COVID-19.  
    • To date, more than 1,050 businesses have requested PPE, providing resources to almost 5,750 workers.
    • Approximately 15,000 businesses and nonprofit organizations have storefronts and employees in Long Beach that require PPE.  
  • Homeless Sheltering ($2,000,000)
    • Helps fund congregate shelters for people experiencing homelessness and at risk of COVID-19, including the navigation center and year-round shelter.  
      • These costs are not eligible for reimbursement through the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).  
    • Funds will also be used to support the local match requirement for Project Homekey, the State’s hotel/motel acquisition program.
  • Youth Leadership and Ambassador Program ($1,000,000)
    • Offers youth leadership development opportunities to support COVID-19 outreach and education.  
    • The City trains youth workers from low- to moderate-income communities to work at parks, open space locations and beaches.  
    • This program is already showing results at our most challenging parks and beaches.
  • Open Streets ($300,000)
    • Temporarily transforms public areas into safe spaces for physically-distanced activity, safer access to public transit and stronger economic recovery.  
    • To date, 110 parklets have been installed throughout the City and six street closures are in effect including Pine Avenue between 1st Street and 3rd Street.  
    • More than 70 neighborhood locations are currently being evaluated for this program.
    • The program began on May 29, 2020, and will end on October 31, 2020, unless extended through City Council action. 
  • Business Call Center ($150,000)
    • Supports the City’s Business Hotline and Call Center, which has answered almost 2,000 calls over four months and continues to average approximately 25 calls per day.  
      • Businesses can request information about COVID-19 resources at 562-570-4BIZ (4249), weekdays from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. 
      •  The Economic Development Department website also provides information for business and worker resources.
  • Economic Inclusion Coordinator ($150,000)
    • Funds Economic Inclusion Coordinator, responsible for managing the City’s Economic and Digital Inclusion Initiatives.  
    • During the COVID-19 pandemic, this position has conducted outreach regarding COVID-19 resources and ConnectedLB, a centralized online resource that connects residents to low-cost Internet services, computers and digital literacy training.

Programs in Development 
The following programs provide a variety of community needs and services to COVID-impacted communities and residents. These services are generally coordinated by the Health and Human Services Department under contract with professional service providers, community-based organizations and nonprofits with experience providing services within the impacted communities. 

The programs below have been developed and will come online within a two-to three-week period, once vendors are procured for these services. 

  • Housing Condition Improvements ($500,000)
    • Adapts aspects of the existing HUD-funded Healthy Homes Program to remediate housing conditions that exacerbate COVID-19. 
    • Supports education and outreach, the distribution of health incentives and cleaning kits and engineered solutions (repairs/ maintenance) to home-based hazards.  
    • Poor housing conditions, including low air ventilation, water intrusion, mold and old carpeting, contribute to the spread and severity of COVID-19.  
  • Basic Needs Warm Line ($400,000)
    • Expands support model of COVID-19 community hotline (562.570.INFO) for responding to calls and helping access services such as food, housing, insurance, cooling supports and medical supplies.
  • Food Insecurity and Meals ($3,000,000)
    • Leverages CARES Act funding to redesign and expand meal distribution and delivery programs for those in need.
    • In partnership with the State and FEMA, the City currently operates the Great Plates Delivered program, a free meal delivery service for eligible older adults impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.   
  • Black Health Equity ($1,000,000)
    • Provides gap healthcare services and outreach to mitigate the risk, transmission and spread of COVID-19 among Black residents.
      • Services will be provided by contracted medical providers and community partners.
    • Black residents (13% of Long Beach’s population) suffer disproportionately from COVID-19, accounting for 20% of deaths from COVID-19.   
  • Older Adult Supports ($500,000)
    • Ensures that older adults have the support needed to isolate safely in their homes and access essential services.  
    • COVID-19 has a uniquely devastating impact on the older adult population in Long Beach.  
      • As of July 25, 2020, adults aged 60 and older represented 18% of the positive cases of COVID-19 and 92% of the fatalities, despite making up only 11% of the total population.  
  • Mental Health and Domestic Violence Prevention ($500,000)
    • Supports a taskforce of community-based mental health agencies to improve access to mental health treatment, awareness of mental health diagnosis and treatment and help for victims and survivors of domestic violence.
    • Calls to the Long Beach Police Department to respond to violence in the home has increased by 15% during the pandemic. 
  • Public Health Case Management Support ($500,000)
    • Streamlines intake and quickly determines eligibility for social-, economic- and health-related services.
    • Allows for more effective coordination of referrals to critically needed care and supports.  
  • Early Childhood Support ($1,000,000)
    • Supports the purchase and delivery of developmental and emergency supplies, expansion of early childhood education spaces to accommodate physical distancing requirements and grants for providers and childcare subsidies.
    • Long Beach is home to more than 32,000 children under the age of 5, 35% of whom are living in poverty.  
  • Nonprofit Relief for Support Services ($785,000)
    • Supplements a program in Economic Development that provides direct relief grants to nonprofits. 
    • Assists nonprofits by providing grants for them to design and implement engagement strategies that provide direct access to hard-to-reach communities in Long Beach for various CARES Act programs.
    • Like small businesses, nonprofits have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. These organizations play a crucial role in supporting affected communities and protecting public health and community well-being. 
  • Youth Programming ($500,0000)
    • Offers innovative youth programming and resources during COVID-19.  
    • Creates community learning hubs that K-8 students can access to participate in daily online instruction provided by Long Beach Unified School District and after-school recreational activities.  
    • Offers mobile recreation opportunities in park-poor neighborhoods that have little to no options for exercise, enrichment activity and peer connection.

City Staff will proceed with implementation using the above guidelines, unless otherwise directed by City Council. People may apply online at the City’s CARES Act website beginning today, September 8, but funding distribution decisions will occur after September 15, to allow for further City Council input if necessary. 

City Staff will proceed with implementation using the above guidelines, unless otherwise directed by City Council. People may apply online at the City’s CARES Act website beginning today, September 8, but funding distribution decisions will occur after September 15, to allow for further City Council input if necessary. 

Small Business Transition And Technology Grant

  • The SBTT Program will provide grants to support Long Beach small businesses impacted by COVID-19. Approximately $3,300,000 is available for the SBTT Grants.
    • The SBTT Program will provide Working Capital Grants up to $5,000 and Technology Grants up to $2,000.
  • Eligible uses of grant funding include, but are not limited to:
    • Working Capital Grant
    • Rent
    • Inventory
    • Payroll
    • Personal protective equipment
    • Furniture, fixtures, and equipment that help businesses safely operate
    • Technology Grant
    • Technology solutions that help business safely operate and transition to digital services and build their online presence, such as contactless payment systems, queuing systems, website development, digital marketing, and more.
  • Applicants may be eligible to receive up to $7,000 in grant funding.
  • To apply for this opportunity, please visit the SBTT Grant web page

The Long Beach Economic Partnership

  • The Long Beach Economic Partnership has launched its second wave of grants for small businesses impacted by COVID-19. To qualify, applicants must not have received other government assistance. Selected small businesses will receive microgrants of $500 as well as access to cash flow, budget and loan application training, and one-on-one business counseling. Click here to learn more. Apply here

Paycheck Protection Program (PPP)

  • PPP is a loan designed to provide a direct incentive for small businesses to keep their workers on the payroll. Current law dictates that the PPP closed at the end of August 8, 2020. As such, SBA is no longer accepting PPP applications from participating lenders.

Economic Injury Disaster Loan Program (EIDL)

  • SBA announced (06/15) that the Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL) and EIDL Advance program portal was reopened to all eligible small businesses experiencing economic impacts due to COVID-19.
    • These loans may be used to pay debts, payroll, accounts payable and other bills that can’t be paid because of the disaster’s impact, and that aren’t already covered by a Paycheck Protection Program loan.
    • The interest rate is 3.75% for small businesses.  The interest rate for non-profits is 2.75%.
    • To keep payments affordable for small businesses, SBA offers loans with long repayment terms, up to a maximum of 30 years. Plus, the first payment is deferred for one year.
    • In addition, small businesses and non-profits may request, as part of their loan application, an EIDL Advance of up to $10,000.
    • The EIDL Advance is designed to provide emergency economic relief to businesses that are currently experiencing a temporary loss of revenue.  This advance will not have to be repaid, and small businesses may receive an advance even if they are not approved for a loan.

SBA Disaster Loan info for solopreneurs, single member LLCs and Independent Contractors

  • Independent contractors, Solopreneurs, Single Member LLC owners are also eligible to apply for Unemployment Insurance, even while applying for PPP and/or EIDL.  

Kiva Long Beach Loan Program

  • Kiva Long Program is a creative online crowd-lending program that is designed to support Long Beach small businesses. Loans up to $15,000 are available at a zero percent interest rate; approved borrowers may access a grace period of up to 6-months, loan proceeds may go toward business expenses, such as personnel, rent, supplies/materials, utilities, professional services, and more; all loan applications are reviewed by Kiva, a nonprofit organization; approved loans on Kiva’s online crowd-lending platform have 30 days to successfully raise the entire loan; 25 Long Beach businesses have benefited from this program. To get started, potential borrowers should contact or 562-570-4249

Pandemic Unemployment Assistance

  • As a part of the Federal CARES Act, the new Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) program helps unemployed Californians who are business owners, self-employed, independent contractors, have limited work history, and others not usually eligible for regular State Unemployment Insurance benefits. The provisions of the program include: Up to 30 weeks of benefits starting with weeks of unemployment beginning February 2, 2020, through the week ending December 26, 2020, depending on when a person became directly impacted by the pandemic. An additional $600 to each PUA weekly benefit amount a person may be eligible to receive. Only the weeks of a claim between March 20 and July 25 are eligible for the $600 payments. For more information, click on the following url: EDD PUA.

Local Funding Finder by Excelerate America

  • This Funding Finder locates COVID-19 relief programs available to businesses in your area.

California Capital Access Program (CalCAP)

  • CalCAP is a loan loss reserve program for businesses with 1-500 employees, which may provide up to 100% coverage on losses as a result of certain loan defaults. Individual borrowers are limited to a maximum of $2.5 million enrolled over a 3-year period. Contact a Participating Lender to enroll.

CA Infrastructure and Economic Development Bank (IBank)

  • IBank has Finance Programs for Small Businesses (1-750 employees). Click here for more info.

City of Long Beach PPE Request System 

  • The City of Long Beach has developed a system to connect providers with personal protective equipment (PPE), as well as a way for people to donate goods and services and access to facial coverings through an online exchange platform.  Request for Medical PPE: Various qualifying organizations in need of PPE, including healthcare facilities, medical providers, shelters, adult day care and long-term care facilities, may request supplies via the City’s website, under “Resources for Healthcare Providers.” Equipment Donations to the City: To streamline and manage the donations and offers of assistance to the City of Long Beach, the City also has developed an online form that can be completed by local businesses and community volunteers who are interested in providing assistance.

City of Long Beach: COVID-19

Media Update for BUSINESSES    

September 2, 2020

Long Beach Health Order Allows for Reopening of Indoor Hair Salons/Barbershops

  • The Long Beach Health Department issued updated protocols for the City’s Safer at Home Health Order that allows hair salons and barbershops to reopen indoors if they follow guidelines designed to protect employees and patrons and control the spread of COVID-19.
  • The new order, effective until it is extended, rescinded or amended in writing by the Health Officer, requires that hair salons and barbershops adhere to safety guidelines, including: 
    • Operating at a maximum of 25% capacity.
    • Continuing to operate outdoors to the extent feasible.
    • Ensuring physical distancing measures.
    • Ensuring everyone is wearing cloth face coverings while in the salon or barbershop.
      • Clients should wear face coverings with ear loops to ensure that face coverings can be worn throughout the hair service.
    • Establishing an outdoor reception area where customers can check in.
    • Using barriers (such as plexiglass) at reception areas or other areas where physical distancing cannot be maintained to minimize exposure between workers and customers.
    • Staggering appointments to reduce reception congestion and to ensure adequate time for proper cleaning and sanitation between each customer visit. 
      • Walk-in appointments will not be available.
    • Serving only one client at a time.
    • Encouraging the use of credit cards and contactless payment systems. 
    • If electronic or card payment is not possible, customers should come with exact cash payment or check, if available.
    • Magazines, coffee, and other amenities will not be available.
    • Other personal grooming businesses, such as nail salons and spa services, including massage, facials and waxing are still prohibited.
  • The City of Long Beach and Los Angeles County fall in the purple tier (Widespread), which allows for salons, barber shops and malls to resume indoor operations if tehy adhere to strict safety regulations. 

REMINDER – City of Long Beach Emergency Microloan Program

  • The City’s new Emergency Microloan Program offers low-interest loans to businesses and 501c3 nonprofits with five employees or less.
  • Loan amounts range from $2,500 to $10,000.
  • Loan payments may be deferred up to 9-months.
  • The repayment period is 5-7 years.
  • The interest rate is 2.44 %.
  • Loan proceeds can be used on business expenses, such as payroll costs, rent, supplies, utilities and more.
  • Funding is available on a first-come, first-served basis.

If a business needs immediate assistance, please have them contact the City’s Business Hotline at (562) 570-4BIZ (4249).

Click here to see previous City of Long Beach COVID-19 Media Updates for BUSINESSES

Local, State, and Federal Updates and Guidance

Long Beach Issues New Health Order Protocols -  Protocols Address Higher Education Institutions and School-Aged Childcare Providers

  • K-12 Schools - The State Public Health Officer requires all public and private schools (K-12) in counties in Tier 1 of the State’s Blueprint for a Safer Economy, including the County of Los Angeles and the City of Long Beach, to remain closed to in-person instruction.
  • Institutes of Higher Education - Colleges and universities in Long Beach will not be able to resume all in-person academic instruction at this time.
  • School-Aged Childcare Providers - To the extent possible, childcare facilities must operate under the mandatory conditions. Read More

City of Long Beach Safer at Home Order for Control of COVID-19 (Updated September 2, 2020)

Long Beach Health Order Allows for Reopening of Indoor Hair Salons/ Barbershops

    • The Long Beach Health Department issued updated protocols for the City’s Safer at Home Health Order that allows hair salons and barbershops to reopen indoors if they follow guidelines designed to protect employees and patrons and control the spread of COVID-19.  The new order, effective September 3, 2020 and until further notice, requires that hair salons and barbershops adhere to safety guidelines, including: 
    • Operating at a maximum of 25% capacity.
    • Continuing to operate outdoors to the extent feasible.
    • Ensuring physical distancing measures.
    • Ensuring everyone is wearing cloth face coverings while in the salon or barbershop.
      • Clients should wear face coverings with ear loops to ensure that face coverings can be worn throughout the hair service.
    • Establishing an outdoor reception area where customers can check in.
    • Using barriers (such as plexiglass) at reception areas or other areas where physical distancing cannot be maintained to minimize exposure between workers and customers.
    • Staggering appointments to reduce reception congestion and to ensure adequate time for proper cleaning and sanitation between each customer visit. 
      • Walk-in appointments will not be available.
    • Serving only one client at a time.
    • Encouraging the use of credit cards and contactless payment systems. 
    • If electronic or card payment is not possible, customers should come with exact cash payment or check, if available.
    • Magazines, coffee, and other amenities will not be available.
    • Other personal grooming businesses, such as nail salons and spa services, including massage, facials and waxing are still prohibited
  • This action was put in place by the City Health Officer, Dr. Anissa Davis, and in accordance with the Emergency Powers granted to the City Manager through the Proclamation of Local Emergency. It is effective as of September 3, 2020, and will continue until it is extended, rescinded or amended in writing by the Health Officer.

Modified State Guidelines for Re-Opening of the Economy - as of August 28, 2020.

  • The state of California has revealed a new framework for re-opening the state's economy with four tiers and colors attached to them to indicate severity. Under the new plan, each county will be given a designation of "purple," "red," "orange" or "yellow" that will determine what types of businesses and activities are allowed in each county. Case rates and test positivity rates will be the metrics that will determine movement within the tiers which, in terms of severity run from purple to red to orange to yellow. See the new framework by clicking here.For more specifics on the status of your County, the State has created the following page where you can search your County and see more information regarding what activities are allowed. To see county specific information click here

State of California COVID-19 Employer Playbook for a Safe Reopening

  •  A safe re-opening requires compliance with both state and local public health guidance, and local guidance can come from your county and your city. Read More

Businesses that Can Conduct Outdoor Operations 

  • The following businesses may conduct outdoor operations only, in accordance with the Long Beach Health Order and provided that any City-issued permit required for the activity is obtained:
    • Personal care services, including nail salons, tanning salons, esthetician, skin care and cosmetology services; body art professionals, tattoo parlors, microblading and permanent make-up and piercing shops; massage therapy (in non-healthcare settings) 
    • Gyms and fitness centers
    • Religious services and cultural ceremonies
    • Protests
  • Businesses whose operations require employees work from an office worksite who are not identified as an essential business, healthcare operation or essential infrastructure may operate via telework and for minimum basic operations only. 
  • Due to an inability to practice physical distancing, hot tubs, saunas and steam rooms located in common spaces and at multi-family residential properties are required to close.

City of Long Beach Health Orders and Protocols (Appendix A -V)

Requirements for Hotels, Motels, and Short Term Lodging

  • Specific to hotels, lodging, and short-term industries now approved to reopen

SafeBiz, Physical Distancing Self-Certification for Businesses

  • The City of Long Beach launched SafeBiz, a web-interface which allows businesses, which may open according to the “Safer at Home” order to self-certify that they are committed to re-opening their business safely. Read more.

Local Construction Site Guidance for COVID-19

  • Provides assistance to construction industry employers in preparing for and responding to COVID-19. This guidance is intended to assist employers and project work sites in conducting their operations in safe and healthy ways that will help prevent the spread of coronavirus.   The guidance requires that all local construction sites be good neighbors and prepare and enforce a Physical Distancing Protocol to ensure that the proper safety precautions are in place. City staff will verify compliance with these guidelines during inspections for projects under construction as well as during investigations associated with complaints or concerns. For more information about the guidance, call the Long Beach Development Services Building & Safety Bureau at 562.570.PMIT (7648) or email

Physical Distancing Protocol (Reopening Checklist) (Spanish) (Tagalog)

In-Person Retail Businesses and Office-based Businesses Can Reopen in Long Beach with Restrictions!

  • Effective Wednesday, May 27, 2020, the City of Long Beach announced that in-person retail businesses, office-based businesses and places of worship may reopen with restrictions in alignment with the State of California and Los Angeles County. Retail Includes: 
    • Bookstores
    • Jewelry stores
    • Toy stores
    • Clothing stores
    • Shoe stores
    • Home and furnishing stores
    • Sporting goods stores
    • Antique stores
    • Music stores
    • Florists
    • Automobile Dealerships: may open showrooms to the public. Required to implement a Physical Distancing Protocol prior to opening.
    • Golf Courses: may open and required to implement Golf Distancing Protocols prior to opening.  
  • Read Full Press Release

City of Long Beach Posters for Businesses

  • The City of Long Beach has created a variety of posters that business owners can print and post at their businesses for their customers and employees. Click here to download posters.

Alcohol Beverage Control (ABC) First Notice of Regulatory Relief

Alcohol Beverage Control (ABC) Second Notice of Regulatory Relief

ABC announces 30 day extension on Annual License Renewal Fees & Late Renewal Penalty Fees

ABC Industry Advisory - Delivery of Alcoholic Beverages

  • Many licensees deliver alcoholic beverages to consumers at residences, businesses, and other locations away from the licensed premises. 
  • Although delivery is a privilege most retailers have had for many years with respect to beer and wine, since the advent of the COVID-19 crisis, and the Department permitting the delivery of distilled spirits and retailer-packaged alcoholic beverages, there has been a marked increase in deliveries.
  • This Industry Advisory is to call licensees’ attention to four issues:
    • (1) to remind licensees of their legal obligations relating to deliveries;
    • (2) to ensure licensees are aware that they are ultimately responsible for the delivery of the alcoholic beverage;
    • (3) that the Department’s recent enforcement actions have revealed that third-party delivery services are routinely delivering alcoholic beverages to minors; and
    • (4) that many licensees, and the delivery services they use, are failing to adhere to a variety of other legal obligations.
    • Read More

City of Long Beach COVID-19 Data Dashboard 

  • City of Long Beach's website now features an interactive data dashboard that provides the public with information regarding positive cases, hospitalizations, demographic breakdowns and more. The dashboard allows the public to see more granular data than previously released and now provides city comparisons among other jurisdictions. The elements of the dashboard are updated as information comes in so that the public can get the most up-to-date information available.

City of Long Beach Coronavirus Disease 2019 - Most Recent Updates

Los Angeles County Business & Worker Disaster Help Center

CDC Guidance for Business and Employers

  • CDC Family First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) - FFCRA requires certain employers to provide their employees with paid sick leave and expanded family and medical leave for specified reasons related to COVID-19. Part of the FFCRA mandates employers to post the notice regarding Employee Rights Under the FFCRA – Sick Leave and Expanded FMLA. These provisions will apply from April 1, 2020 through December 31, 2020
City of Long Beach COVID-19 Daily Updates

City of Long Beach: COVID-19

Media Update

Wednesday, Sept. 23, 2020

 3:30 p.m.

By the Numbers (Long Beach only): 

  • 11,684 total positive results
    • 69 new cases since yesterday
    • Seven-day positivity rate: 4.0%
    • 7.3 daily new cases per 100K population
  • 240 fatalities
  • 45 people hospitalized 
  • Approximately 10,854 recovered (Please note that, for low-risk patients recovering at home, recovery data is self-reported) 
  • 212,208 total tests conducted 
  • Information as of September 22

State Indicators (Updated on Tuesdays):

  • Current LA County Tier: Tier 1 (Widespread)
  • Seven-day positivity rate: 2.8%
  • 7.0 daily new cases per 100K population

Details Regarding Fatalities:

  • 151 are associated with long-term care facilities (LTCF)
  • Ages:
    • 2 were in their 20s
    • 5 were in their 40s
    • 21 were in their 50s
    • 56 were in their 60s
    • 56 were in their 70s
    • 67 were in their 80s
    • 33 were over 90 
  • 102 female, 138 male
  • 239 individuals had underlying health conditions

Today’s Highlights:

  • Today’s case count includes backlogged cases from June through July; approximately 53 are new cases.
  • The Long Beach Department of Health and Human Services is offering access to flu vaccinations in the coming season by hosting several community flu vaccination clinics at no charge for individuals without health insurance or those whose healthcare provider does not offer flu vaccines. 

Long-Term Care Facility Case Information:

  • A total of 1,474 positive cases have been confirmed at LTCFs in the city since the start of the pandemic (see attachment).

Tracking the Curve: 

Click Here for City Press Release Archives

Business Resources & Updates for Bars and Restaurants

Continued Closures for Indoor Operations for Restaurants, Museums, Aquariums, and Botanical Gardens. As well as continued closure of bars and similar facilities that do not hold a restaurant permit. 

Closure of Bars and Nightspots in LA County 

  • Due to the rising number of cases of COVID-19 across California, the Governor has ordered that all bars and nightspots in LA County as we all certain other counties must close (06/29).
  • For more guidance on this order please see the statement from the California Department of Public Health here.
  • We will be sure to update you with more information as it becomes available. 


  • The State of California has partnered with industry-leading companies to launch a website, ShopSafeShopLocal, that connects small business owners to tools and resources related to shipping, operations, online marketing, and more.

Drive-In Dining 

Open Streets Initiative 

  • To assist Long Beach businesses in the COVID-19 recovery, the City of Long Beach Department of Public Works is looking to streamline temporary re-purposing of the sidewalk and roadway for dining, customer queuing, and vehicle loading. See here for more information Open Streets for Long Beach Businesses.
  • Business owners who are interested in the temporary use of the public right-of-way for their businesses, should reference the Open Streets Toolkit and complete the Open Streets Form.
  • If a business is in a Business Improvement District (BID), they are encouraged to reach out to the business association that manages their BID. For more information on the City’s BIDs, click here.
  • Restaurants wishing to modify their parking lot to provide music, outdoor seating, or entertainment are directed to apply for a Special Events – Occasional Event Permit. Application materials are available here.

Support Our Local Restaurants - Order Take-Out or Delivery

Health Resources


  • Diagnostic testing in Long Beach is available for anyone with symptoms of COVID-19. Certain locations are also testing Long Beach residents and essential workers who may have been exposed but are not showing symptoms. See below for more information. Same or next day appointments can be made online and are prioritized for those 65 years or older; individuals with underlying chronic health conditions; and first responders, critical government workers, grocery workers, and health care professionals. If employees do not have symptoms and have not had any recent close contact with someone who has COVID-19, they do not need to get tested before returning to work. Click here for COVID-19 Testing Centers 

Dignity Health Offers Free COVID-19 Virtual Care

  • Dignity Health is focused on helping our providers and communities prepare for, and respond to, the spread of COVID-19 in every way we can. To support our community response to this virus, we are expanding access to virtual urgent care options. Dignity Health is offering free virtual urgent care visits with a coupon code for patients experiencing mild to moderate symptoms of COVID-19.

City of Long Beach Rapid Assessment Clinic and Drive-Through Testing Site 

  • The City of Long Beach launched a Rapid Assessment Clinic to provide medical assistance to people who might otherwise feel compelled to visit an emergency room for their medical conditions. Starting Tuesday April 7 drive-through appointment-only COVID-19 testing will be available for those who need it, in an area adjacent to the Rapid Assessment Clinic. Interested individuals should visit the City's COVID-19 testing page and answer several pre-screening questions. Testing will continue to be prioritized for individuals who are symptomatic, those who have underlying health conditions, or are 65 years or older.
Utility Resources

California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC)

  • CPUC works to help mitigate higher energy bills utility customers may receive due to Shelter at Home. Read More

Metropolitan Water District (MWD)

  • In their efforts to reinforce our water safety and reliability message during the COVID-19 crisis, MWD issued an open Letter from the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California and Your Water Providers. Read Open Letter
Member News: Chamber Members are Open and Ready to Serve

Environmental Construction Group; Precautionary and Emergency Sterilization Services

  • During this pandemic ECG has sterilized over 1 million square feet of business, warehouse, office and residential space in the greater Los Angeles, OC & SD Counties! 

    Since 2002 ECG has been providing professional decontamination services, and consulting on procedures to minimize the risk of spreading infections in work environments. The purpose is to neutralize infectious diseases usually caused by bacteria or viruses like Covid-19 spread by human to human contact with an infected surface, or airborne agents suspended in the air. Utilizing state-of-the-art SteraMist technologies, our team of qualified personnel has the expertise to provide turn-key services ranging from initial site assessments to complete micro-biologic decontamination. We use Binary Ionization Technology (BIT) which is EPA registered, hospital grade and non-toxic to decontaminate air and surfaces including high-tech electronic and delicate medical equipment.

    Chamber members receive a 10% discount!

    A+ BBB Rating.

Laserfiche Supports Community Hospital Long Beach Reopening With PPE and Electronic Health Records Software

  • Laserfiche — the leading global provider of intelligent content management business process automation — is supporting Community Hospital Long Beach through a multifaceted initiative that includes donations of personal protective equipment (PPE) and a Laserfiche Cloud solution to accelerate hiring and new patient onboarding.

F&L Racing Fuel

  • F&L Racing Fuel has shifted gears and is now selling hand sanitizer in efforts to help stop the spread of COVID-19. For every bottle of hand sanitizer sold, F&L is donating the gross profits to local homeless shelters to help support one of the most vulnerable communities during this time. With their sales in the first two weeks, they were able to donate their first check for $15,000 to the Long Beach Rescue Mission April 29th. F&L is dedicated to helping utilize their resources to help the local community during this time. Please do your part & help support by purchasing on their website: F&L Racing Fuels Hand Sanitizer is available in three convenient sizes, 2oz for on the go, 8oz for home and business use and by the gallon for making those refills quick and easy!

Su Casa Expanding Services During Safe At Home Quarantine 

  • Su Casa – Ending Domestic Violence has announced that it has joined Project Safe Haven, a collaborative effort by the Los Angeles Mayor’s Fund to shelter survivors of domestic violence. At a time when NBC news is reporting a 20% increase in domestic violence reports and shelters are reducing numbers of residents to allow for social distancing, a new approach was needed. Singer Rihanna joined forces with Twitter Chief Executive Jack Dorsey, and Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti to help victims of domestic violence during the lock down period. Read Press Release

The BizFed Institute

  • The BizFed Institute has formed an unprecedented partnership with the LA Delegation of 39 CA Senators and Assemblymembers, Los Angeles County, the Hospital Association of Southern California (HASC), Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Los Angeles Locals, along with BizFed’s 195 business associations representing over 400,000 employers to locate and collect donations of much needed vital safely supplies to help protect workers throughout LA County and mitigate the spread of the virus. Donate Today Here!

Long Beach Post Shop: COVID-19 Masks and Face Coverings

  • The Long Beach Post, with the assistance of the City of Long Beach, has launched this marketplace for local makers and businesses to connect with people looking to purchase masks and face coverings. The Long Beach Post receives no commission from the sale of products sold through this marketplace. READ MORE

SoCalGas and Frontier Communications Support Diverse Business Enterprises

  • Southern California Gas Co. (SoCalGas) and Frontier Communications will collaborate to lead a series of webinars throughout April with tips for diverse business enterprises seeking to earn utility contracts. Online sessions intended to help diverse businesses succeed during COVID-19 pandemic

Skills4Care is offering in-home childcare service to Essential Workers

  • In an effort to provide childcare solutions during this COVID-19 pandemic, Skills4Care, the Cambrian Homecare non-profit, is offering CalFLEXI by Pacific Gateway. The CalFLEXI program provides an online platform enabling you to book pre-vetted, qualified providers for your in-home childcare needs. Read More

South Coast AQMD Expediting Permits to Aid COVID-19 Efforts

Verizon Offers Relief to Customers

Queen Beach Printers - working and fulfilling commitments

Wells Fargo supports small business customers during COVID-19 crisis

YMCA of Greater Long Beach offers Day Camp for children of essential workers

Special Message from Athens Services

Ooma Office - can help businesses that stay open answer and make calls using their business number in a work from home or remote environment

Please refer to our media partners for the latest information and news on the coronavirus.

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