• Leah Goold-Haws - Director, Global Trade & Logistics
    Long Beach City College

    As a fifth-generation resident of Southern California, I am proud to be part of this area where the magnificent Port of Long Beach connects our region and our businesses to the world. In my role as statewide director for Global Trade under the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office and director for the Center for International Trade Development, it is my intention to bring value to our Chamber members through an approach that provides education, advocacy and global vision.  I am honored to be the 2018-2019 IBA President. Having worked in the field of global trade for over 15 years, it is my passion and in today’s trade climate, there are more challenges and opportunities than ever before. The Chamber's International 
    Business Association understands that the strength of our economy lies in the strength of our globalized business community. The IBA is a resource to business, providing insights to trade related issues, promoting international business, and connecting our workforce to opportunities in this dynamic industry.

    My goals for this term will be to increase access to thought leaders and discussions around the shifting landscape of global trade, to increase our membership by bringing value to our international business community and to expand the conversation around what is global trade and how can we increase access and equity to the multiple opportunities trade can bring.  I look forward to a productive year ahead and welcome you to reach out to me directly to share your comments, questions and thoughts.‚Äč

    The IBA is representative of the pride and professionalism of the international trade community.  Your membership in this highly respected organization is your passport to opportunities to work side by side with leaders in their fields.  The major benefits of membership are outlined as follows.

    The State of Trade and Transportation luncheon is held each year in February or March.  Featuring a prominent speaker to provide an update to the members and the industry.

    Receptions or mixers are held throughout the year at various locations to bring together and strengthen business contacts.  Members make important connections with representatives from a wide variety of international businesses, cultures and interests.

    The IBA monitors, analyzes and develops policy recommendations on local, state and 
    federal legislation affecting the international business community.  As part of the Chamber’s lobbying and advocacy efforts, the IBA assures its members they will be informed and influential in government at all levels.

    Each May the IBA observes World Trade Week.
     World Trade Week was initiated as a local program by the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce in 1926 and was declared a national observance by President Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1935.

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    Leah Goold-Haws - 
    LBCC, Global Trade & Logistics

    Immediate Past President
    Laura Janis - 
    Union Pacific Railroad


    Leticia Arias - U.S. Commercial Service, USDOC

    Bruce Berwager - Beta Offshore

    Aileen Colon - Western Overseas Corporation

    Annabelle Duneau-Delaunay - CSULB, IBA (President)

    David Griffith - Law Office of David M. Griffith

    Shane Kennedy - Janel Group - Sea Cargo, Inc.

    Kamia Khatami - Pacific Harbor Line

    Dylan Rugg - CSULB, IBA (VP, Membership)

  • Accountant - Certified Public

    Craig Ima, Chief Marketing Officer
    www.windes.com | (562) 435-1191

    Advocacy Group

    Marnie  O'Brien Primmer, Executive Director
    www.futureports.org | (310) 982-1323

    Consultant - Business/Technology/Development

    Bond Consulting Services
    Bob Bond, President
    www.bondconsultingservices.com | (562) 988-3451 | 

    Custom House Broker/Freight Forwarding

    Western Overseas Corp.
    Michael Dugan, President
    www.westernoverseas.com | (562) 985-0616

    Engineering - Design

    Moffatt & Nichol
    Jim McCluskie, Vice President/Business Unit Leader
    www.moffattnichol.com | (562) 426-9551

    Freight Forwarders

    Allison Shipping International Inc.
    Donna Betts, CEO
    www.allisonshipping.com | (562) 435-7200

    BGI Worldwide Logistics
    Daniel Roberts, Financial Controller
    www.bgiworldwide.com | (562) 597-5671

    Dedola Global Logistics
    Eric Jochim, Director of Marketing
    www.dedola.com | (562) 594-8988

    Government Agency

    U.S. Commercial Service, USDOC
    Leticia Arias, Sr. International Trade Specialist

    Import/Export & Distribution

    Global Connections, Inc.
    Sharifa Moss, Executive Director
    www.importexportgc.com | (562) 676-4386

    Laufer Group International
    Sabina Hamre, Import Documentation
    www.laufer.com | (562) 628-1111

    Meiko America, Inc.
    Isamu Yokoi, President
    www.meikoamerica.com | (310) 483-7400

    Law Firms

    David M. Griffith, APC Attorney at Law
    David M Griffith, Attorney at Law
    www.dgrifflaw.com | (562) 240-1040

    Keesal, Young & Logan
    Bob Stemler, Partner
    www.kyl.com | (562) 436-2000

    Marine Surveyors

    K.P. Fitter & Associates, Inc.
    Capt. Khush Fitter, Owner
    www.kpfitter.com | (562) 951-0799

    NVOCC and Freight Forwarding

    Janel Group - Sea Cargo Inc.
    Shane Kennedy, CEO
    www.seacargoinc.com | (310) 670-7623 x 3040

    Oil and Gas Producers

    Beta Offshore, a division of Amplify Energy Corp.
    Bruce Berwager, Vice President of Operations
    www.amplifyenergy.com | (562) 628-1526


    Port of Long Beach
    Mario Cordero, Executive Director
    www.polb.com | (562) 283-7000

    Port of Los Angeles
    Arley Baker, Director, Public Affairs
    www.pola.com | (310) 732-3093

    Railroad Companies

    Pacific Harbor Line
    Kimia Khatami, Director of Customer Service
    www.anacostia.com | (310) 984-5773

    Union Pacific Railroad
    Lupe C. Valdez, Director Public Affairs (Southern California)
    www.up.com | (562) 566-4612

    Shipping Companies

    Dependable Global Express, Inc. (DGX)
    Brad Dechter, President
    www.dgxglobal.com | (310) 669-8888

    Fujitrans U.S.A., Inc.-dba On Board Shipping Line
    Laura Warren, Vice President
    www.fujitrans.co.jp/en | (310) 830-5151

    General Steamship Corp., LTD
    G. Michael Hubbard, Vice President - CA
    www.gensteam.com | (562) 988-9000

    Pacific Merchant Shipping Association (PMSA)
    Michele  Grubbs, Vice President
    www.pmsaship.com | (562) 432-4040

    Transworld Shipping USA Inc.
    Bjoern Pelzer, Assistant Office Manager
    www.twship.de | (562) 628-8852

    Matson Navigation Company, Inc.
    Tim  Kirchhoff, Director, Sales & Marketing Southern Region
    www.matson.com | (562) 495-8638

    Stevedoring Contractors

    Metro Ports/Nautilus International Holding Corp.
    Michael F. Giove, COO
    www.metroports.com | (310) 816-6500

    Terminal Operators

    International Transportation Service, Inc.
    Sean Lindsay, Chief Operating Officer
    www.itslb.com | (562) 435-7781

    Long Beach Container Terminal
    Anthony Otto, President
    www.lbcti.com | (562) 951-6000

    Transportation Services

    Secure Transportation
    John Chapman, V.P. Business Development
    www.securetransportation.com | (800) 997-1952


    Price Transfer, Inc.
    Stephen P. Straub, CPA, CFO
    www.pricetransfer.com | (310) 639-6074

    Ability/Tri-Modal Transportation Services, Inc.
    Tim Mullaney, Sales and Marketing/Executive Assistant
    www.trimodal.com | (310) 522-5506


    Custom Goods LLC
    Dan Cathcart, Compliance
    www.custom-goods.com | (310) 233-2500