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    GreenBiz.com - State of Green Business Report 2013

    GreenBiz.com publishes the sixth annual State of Green Business report that includes data on 1,600 companies worldwide, as well as on the U.S.-based S&P 500.  The report provides a measure of the environmental impacts of the emerging green economy.

    Click here to view the sixth annual State of Green Business report


    AB 32: California's Global Warming Solutions Act by Tom Bowman

    Click here to view Tom Bowman's Presentation on AB 32: California's Global Warming Solutions Act.


    There are many things happening in the California energy and climate world that Kate briefly touches on this week, which will be reported on next week. A few notes and news items are provided in this digest. Click here or the banner above to read more.

    HOLLYWOOD GOES GREEN - ECOR® Global creates FIRST 100% sustainable set for 20th Century Fox TV's 'Raising Hope'

    SAN DIEGO -- ECOR® Global, 866-417-5518, a subsidiary of Noble Environmental Technologies Corporation has created the first 100 percent sustainable set for 20th Century Fox's critically acclaimed comedy series 'Raising Hope'.  45 of the company's patented ECOR® panels were used to create a modern hotel suite for a two-part episode of the show.  All of the panel sections, walls and ceiling soffits were custom built in San Diego, based on designs and drawings provided by the show and delivered to 20th Century Fox's Los Angeles studio.  ECOR® is a recycled, lightweight panel product that is strong and as little as ¼ the weight of conventional wood product panels.  It is 100 percent USDA Certified bio-based and made with 100 percent cellulose fibers including post consumer paper, forest wood and agricultural raw material sources.  ECOR® contains no toxic additives or adhesives.

    Commented 'Raising Hope' Art Director John Zachary, who hopes this leads to more environmentally friendly set construction. 'The ongoing use of tropical hardwoods in set construction is an environmental tragedy and this experiment provided a cost efficient alternative to unsustainable forest products.' Shooting on the ECOR® set began December 17 and was completed on December 21, 2012.

    The set was delivered to the studio within one week of receiving Zachary's vision and drawings. 'Our entire team was thrilled to be a part of this innovative and collaborative undertaking,' said Jim Torti, Ph.D., NET President and Chief Operating Officer. 'This is just the beginning of what ECOR® can do for the entertainment industry using our patented sustainable products,' said Robert Noble, NET Founder and Chief Executive Officer.

    Additionally, ECOR® produced 3 doors, a headboard, and additional flat panels veneered with bamboo. Light weight MDF was used for molding and trim pieces. NET developed a method for connecting the flat panels using long strips of two-ply WavCOR™.  Zachary and 20th Century Fox were committed to integrating environmentally friendly paint, wallpaper, glue and carpet to complete the sustainable set. NET is now moving forward with additional revisions to the panel design to further align with current industry methods of construction.                  

    Newsweek Magazine just released its 2012 'World's Greenest Companies' report. The article stated that News Corporation is recognized as 30th on the list of United States companies and 83rd globally out of 500 companies worldwide.

    NOBLE Environmental Technologies (www.ecorglobal.com) is a clean manufacturing company founded by sustainable design architect and inventor Robert Noble, in partnership with the USDA Forest Products Laboratory, to commercialize ECOR® brand products, and other environmentally superior materials.  ECOR® is a revolutionary product that is a 100 percent bio-based alternative to Luan or Rain Forest products including traditional wood, particleboard, fiberboard and other composite products. ECOR's innovative product line includes WavCOR™, FlatCOR™, HoneyCOR™ and a variety of non-toxic, 100 percent recycled and recyclable new design materials for consumer, commercial, industrial, and institutional markets.



    E3:  Supporting Manufacturing Leadership Through Sustainability

    Joining forces with local communities, E3 delivers streamlined, collaborative technical assistance to transform manufacturers' operations into more profitable and sustainable business practices.  E3 brings together federal agencies, states and local communities for a broad discussion on how to connect respective programs to deliver responsive, coordinated solutions in a manufacturing environment. The E3 Framework facilitates collaboration among groups with common interests and a common agenda. This framework focuses on strengthening small to medium sized American manufacturers, which represent the largest proportion of the manufacturing sector.

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    LB-exchange Connects Long Beach Businesses with Local Nonprofits and Schools

    If you’re located in Long Beach and have reusable items in good condition, you’ve come to the best place to find local nonprofits in need. The City of Long Beach is partnering with the Long Beach Nonprofit Partnership (LBNP) to make donating easier. LB-exchange helps support Long Beach nonprofits and gives new life to reusable items.

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    Heat Pumps will help us tap the power from the sun and wind -
    News and views in the recently released issue of the Heat Pump Centre Newsletter

    In visions of the society of the future, especially regarding energy, the word smart is often used: smart grids, smart cities. This term indicates the wise use of resources, and includes, for instance, the use of renewable energy sources and the interconnection of electric and thermal grids. This interconnection is actually a smart way to make use of intermittent renewables, such as solar or wind power, since a surplus of electricity on a sunny or windy day may be stored in the form of heat. Heat pumps are ideal for providing this interconnection, since they may use electricity in order to upgrade heat from  low-temperature sources to high temperatures, suitable for use. 

    Heat pumps in smart grids and smart cities are the subject of the recent issue (2/2012) of the IEA Heat Pump Centre Newsletter. In addition to overviews, the advantages of flexibility of capacity, built on variable components is described, as well as the use of heat pumps in district heating and district cooling systems. Also, the German heat pump market is described, and UK is the subject of a strategic outlook.

    The IEA HPC Newsletter is a newsletter/journal from the IEA Heat Pump Centre (HPC) with four issues per year. The HPC is an international information service for heat pumping technologies, applications and markets. Visit the website at www.heatpumpcentre.org

    The IEA Heat Pump Centre Newsletter can be downloaded from



    Walkable Neighborhoods Replace Suburbs as Preferred Real Estate

    A new report from the George Washington University School of Business finds compelling evidence that demand for real estate in pedestrian-friendly urban neighborhoods significantly exceeds supply. “DC: The WalkUP Wake-Up Call” introduces the term “WalkUP” as shorthand for “walkable urban places,” and concludes: “This research has found that WalkUPs, a niche market 20 years ago, are becoming the market of the future, both in the metro D.C. area and, likely, in the rest of the nation’s metropolitan areas.” Click Here to Read More